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Drop of Cinnabar in the Heart (10)

Drop of Cinnabar in the Heart (10)

Yu Xiaocao smiled——she had found a husband who truly loved and cared for her. Transmigrating over was worth it after all.

Fortunately, her body had been nourished by the little divine stone. Even though the little divine stone wasn’t present in its human form, its original form still had a lot of spiritual energy to help protect her. Thus, as soon as the child in her womb became unstable, the multicolored stone on her wrist had emitted some energy to protect her unborn child.

By the time Divine Physician Zhong arrived, her condition had already stabilized. He prescribed her a few medications to stabilize her pregnancy and advised her to be on bedrest for the next few days but that she should be alright.

When Zhu Junyang was about to leave the clinic with his wife in his arms, the soldiers had already left the vicinity and the vast majority of commoners had also dispersed. There were a few groups here and there gathered up to discuss the majesty of the returning army. They also gossiped about how Imperial Prince Xu had flown up in the air with his wife in his arms to go see the doctor.

Imperial Prince Xu’s carriage was waiting outside the clinic. Zhu Junyang gently held his wife as he entered the carriage and inside was Little Baozi in Su Ran’s arms with tears all over his face.

When he saw his lady mother being gently carried onto the carriage, even more tears streamed down his face, “Lady Mother, it was all my fault. I wasn’t good. Please beat me a few times ah. Lady Mother, are you alright?”

Zhu Junyang hardened his heart and glared at him, “When we get back to the estate, we’ll settle everything appropriately!”

Yu Xiaocao patted him and then took out a handkerchief to wipe the tears off her son’s face as she gently said, “Little Baozi isn’t very big, so he must have been very scared! When we get back, you’re not allowed to yell at him or beat him. Little Baozi is already quite obedient——Xuan’er, don’t be afraid, I’m fine and was just worried a bit. Your lord father is the one making a mountain out of a molehill.”

Little Baozi sniffled a few times. When his mother wasn’t teasing him, she was very kind and gentle. He loved his lady mother the most and didn’t want her to be in any difficulty, “Lady Mother, Lord Father said that the little sister in your belly can’t be frightened. Today, I was wrong to make you worry about me.”

“The saints themselves have said: change your faults once you know to improve oneself for the better! In the future, you’re not allowed to climb to dangerous areas or do anything that can lead you to get hurt, alright?” Yu Xiaocao was the epitome of a benevolent mother at this point.

Little Baozi scooted over to his mother and leaned against her arm as he lowered his head in obedience, “Uh huh. In the future, I’ll always be good and not make you worry. Once my younger sister is born, I will help Lady Mother take care of her and protect her.” Updated from nov𝒆lbIn.(c)om

After he finished, he surreptitiously glanced at Zhu Junyang’s face. When he saw that his father’s expression was still quite dark, he quivered like a frightened quail and lowered his head even more, making himself look even more pitiful.

Su Ran had always treated Little Baozi like a blood-related nephew. When he saw this, he pulled the little fellow into his arms and coldly eyed Zhu Junyang, “The young heir is only around four years old. Just how many noble families have a child as young as he is and as obedient? You shouldn’t judge him with the standards of an adult. Just think, what were you like when you were four years old?”

Because his wife had once salivated over Chief Steward Su, Zhu Junyang had never liked the eunuch. Unfortunately, his wife still regarded the man with lots of respect and adoration. Every time this stinky eunuch had a break, he’d come over to their estate to bum a meal and interrupt their lovey-dovey marriage.

Zhu Junyang glared back with cold eyes, “I’m disciplining my child. Outsiders should stop butting in!”

“An outsider? Xiaocao, ah, go tell your husband, am I really an outsider ah?” Su Ran raised his beautiful eyes and looked at Yu Xiaocao, who was watching the show from the side while she snacked on potato chips.

Errrr...Yu Xiaocao put down the potato chip that was just about to be sent into her mouth and lightly cleared her throat, “Older Brother Su, how could you possibly be an outsider ah? In my heart, I’ve always regarded you as an older brother.”

Su Ran smiled in satisfaction, “Did you hear that ah? Xiaocao has been my adopted younger sister for a long time! If we take that into account, then I am also the heir’s uncle. Thus, why can’t I help my nephew say a few words, ah?”

Zhu Junyang was infuriated that his wife was undermining him. She clearly knew that he didn’t like that fellow Su Ran but instead of helping him out, she instead made things more difficult for him. He restrained himself and quietly asked, “Cao’er, when did you take him as an older brother? How come I didn’t know about it?”

Yu Xiaocao thought for a bit and then replied, “Older Brother Su is a great person! When I was still an inconsequential young farming girl, Older Brother Su never disliked me for my lowly status and always took care of me. I have only gained by taking him as an older brother!”

“Is it because he’s handsome that you thought he’s great and decided to take him as an older brother?” Zhu Junyang thought of a certain young general who cut a dashing figure on horseback. He flickered his eyes to look at the window——that fellow clearly didn’t have pure intentions. Just thinking about it made him angry!

Yu Xiaocao thought that he was getting a little bit too jealous for no reason, “Just what nonsense are you saying? Just what do you take me for? Do you really think I’m someone who takes an older brother for no reason ah? Don’t talk to me anymore, I’m annoyed at you!”

“Lord Father, Lady Mother has my younger sister in her belly, so you need to be more good and not make her angry!” Whenever his parents were squabbling, Little Baozi always stood on his mother’s side despite his father’s ferocious exterior.

“Don’t be mad, I was wrong, is that alright?” His wife had just had an event occur and Zhu Junyang was afraid that she’d get very angry again. Thus, he admitted his faults as quickly as his son had earlier.

Yu Xiaocao turned her face away, “I don’t want to talk to you. Leave me alone!”

Zhu Junyang then did a lot of cajoling and pleading as well as promising many things before he finally was able to get his wife to smile again. Su Ran coldly commented, “If you had only been this good earlier, then you wouldn’t need to make such an effort now!”

Zhu Junyang did his best to not say anything and somehow managed to restrain himself. There were too many annoying men around his wife!

Su Ran only left after they arrived at the entrance of their estate. He needed to go back to the palace to report to the emperor on what had happened and also gossip about how much Imperial Prince Xu pampered his wife.

After Zhao Han got his rewards, he left the palace and asked one of his aides, “So how is it? Did you find out the information? Just what happened to Princess Consort Xu?”

The aide knew that Princess Consort Xu’s family had a good relationship with the general and hurriedly replied, “I found everything out. When she saw her son fall from the window, she was frightened and ended up destabilizing the fetus. Fortunately, she was sent to the doctor in time and is out of danger now!”

When he found out that Yu Xiaocao was fine, Zhao Han let out a sigh of relief. Apparently, she was now pregnant with her second child! Imperial Prince Xu was so worried about her that he disregarded the crowds to personally send her to the doctor. She must be living very happily right?

All that mattered was that she had a joyous life! There was a type of love that was carefully guarded as the other person watched from afar. The feelings he had for her were like a drop of cinnabar in the depths of his heart and would forever be hidden there...

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