Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard

Chapter 9 - Discovery (2)

Edward watched the muggle transform into a werewolf, however, he did not feel magical powers from him nor did he find anything in his DNA. He felt that he was close to something, but he could not discover exactly what it was.

After pondering for a while, Edward went to the next room; this room was full of all kinds of potions. There were a few hundred vials, some were empty while the others had some sort of liquid on them, with the name of the potion written underneath them. ??

After a few minutes of searching, he found a white vial with a molten golden color liquid and the tag "Felix Felicis" underneath. This potion was the Liquid Luck personally brewed by Edward himself.

Without hesitation, Edward drank the potion. After feeling the unfounded confidence overcoming him, he smiled before returning to his research room.

With a wave of his hand, another person appeared in the same room as the previous werewolf. However, this who appeared was in fact a captured dark wizard instead of a muggle. After allowing to bite the wizard and separating the two of them, Edward started to observe the DNa structure of the dark wizard.

This time, things went smoothly for Edward. Somewhere along the double helix, he discovered a very tiny magical energy, so he focused on that place to see what it was.

However, the machine could not find anything. Edward's intuition told him that he found what he was looking for, but he could not see it. Then, he remembered that muggles could not see some magical creatures like Dementors. So he thought that maybe the machine could not actually see what he was looking for.

Although these machines were magically modified, it did not change the fact that they were technological base. Maybe what he is looking for is more metaphysical or spiritual.

After figuring this out, Edward tried another method. He used all kinds of spells that are related to vision.

Whether it was the Supersensory Charm or other Charms that he created after dissecting the eyeballs of countless magical creatures. He placed all of them on him, then he concentrated on the specific spot that the machine first discovered.

And then, Edward saw it; it was as if he entered a different world and that world was full of unintelligible scribbles. There were all kinds of strange symbols, glyphs and pictures. It took him a while to really focus on these scribbles before discovering some sort of pattern.

Then, Edward realized that these unintelligible scribbles were actually Ancient Rune Language. He had studied it back in Hogwarts under the tutelage of Professor Bathsheda Babbling. Visit no(v)eLb(i)n.𝘤𝑜𝓂 for the best novel reading experience

Edward spent a great deal of time studying Ancient Runes as they were used in many ancient manuscripts, so he could write and read them fluently. Furthermore, some of the people he corresponded with on a regular basis are actually real scholars of Ancient Runes that have studied the subject for decades.

After taking a few hours to translate the Ancient Rune, Edward was left with a complete shock with his discovery.

What he discovered was something he referred to as Life Code, and as the name states, it is the fundamental code or engineer of the human body.

It is divided into three parts: Body, Soul, and Bloodline. The Body part is essentially the DNA of a person and it dictates everything about the human body: hair, skin color, and other types of genetic information.

As for the other two parts, they are self-explanatory as they dictate the composition of the soul and the kind of bloodline of a person.

Edward became excited after making this discovery as he knew that he was really close to solving his problem of magical power. So, he focused more on the bloodline section of the Life Code.

He discovered that muggles also have a Life Code, but the Bloodline section is empty, while the Soul section has very little compared to wizards.

Edward's mind started to revolve rapidly as he wondered how different the bloodline section of people like Voldemort or Nymphadora Tonks would be as they are born with innate abilities.

Edward knew that he could not get access to Voldemort's blood to study, but he could still get Tonks'. As Metamorphmagus, her bloodline must be different from other people.

Furthermore, Edward is still interested in the relationship between bloodline and soul. Voldemort's bloodline granted him the ability of parseltongue, but Harry Potter acquired the same ability after a piece of the Dark Lord' soul entered his body. So, there must be a correlation.

After reigning in his thoughts, Edward then concentrated on the aspect of bloodline that deals with magical powers. The next problem that he faced was on how to actually modify this Life Code.

Then, he suddenly thought of Transfiguration; to be precise, Human Transfiguration. As this is magic that can transform the molecular structure of the human body from one thing to another, it should be able to affect this Life Code.

With this newfound idea, Edward set out to test his theory. He first places the newly transformed wizard on a dissecting bench, strapped him off so he could not escape, then he begins his attempt.

Things went much smoother than Edward anticipated. He instantly felt a connection directly to this wizard's Life Code, so he tried to modify one part in his bloodline.

However, things went horribly wrong. The wizard started to scream, blood started to come out of his mouth, ears, and noses. After a few seconds of seizuring, he died.

After checking his conditions, it turned out that his DNA collapsed and his Life Code became a mess.

Edward frowned as he realized that things were more complex than he originally thought. With a wave of his wand, this wizard was sent to the disposal area, then he placed one of the werewolves he just bought in the bench and repeated the experiment.

No matter how many of these experimental materials die, he will uncover the mystery of bloodline, and even of the entire Life Code.

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